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Friday, September 25, 2015

There are SO many choices out there for supplements and not all are created equal! It can be very confusing to know where to start. What's bullsh*it and what you really need to reach your goals!? For the past year I haven't been taking any supplements. Why? Because I started to get concerned about all the chemicals I was putting in my body. I didn't like the idea of subjecting my system to that day after day.  I had been dreaming that one day a company would make supplements with clean ingredients-nothing artificial or foo-foo. Just like with my diet, if I don't know what all the ingredients are I don't eat it! So I went on the hunt and found the very best-all natural supplements on the market! I have done all the research for you-check it out!

I will be right up front and say that I don't think supplements are required to reach your goals BUT they sure do help accelerate your results, recovery and performance! So why not give yourself a little edge right!?

Protein Powder
I love protein powder for it's convenience. Could you eat these calories from whole foods, sure...but it gets hard and expensive to be choking down chicken breast right after a workout(ick). Protein powder is the only way I'm able to hit my protein goal for the day, I just can't eat enough whole protein sources.

I recommend consuming a protein shake right after a workout. It gives your body the amino acids it wants so that your body can recover and build muscle.  Right after a workout is an optimal time to absorb all that goodness. Not only that but if you've worked out beastmode style you probably aren't super hungry due to the hormone ghreline that's gets released. So a chocolatey shake is the best option in my opinion:) Having a protein shake as a snack or to replace dessert are also great options.

My Favorite! 
PureWOD Build
This protein powder only has THREE ingredients! It's all natural, paleo approved and dairy free-holy cow!On top of that it tastes great-WINNER.  To top it off it has an amazing macro profile- only 2 grams carbs and 24 grams protein so it's super easy to work into my macros. Check out their website at

Honorable Mention
Onnit Hemp Force Protein
Delicious and great for you. With only 5 clean ingredients this is a winner-vegan, Non GMO as well as gluten and soy free...LOVE.  The biggest downside to me about this protein powder is the macro nutrient ratio-it has a higher fat and carb content with lower protein per serving.  This is not a big deal for most but just something to be aware of.

I have done a fair share of experimenting with different brands of pre-workout but decided that the risk for adverse side effects over time wasn't worth the extra pump during my workout. Then my dreams came true with Pre-Workout by PureWOD! Hallelujah, LOL! All natural with ZERO chemicals or artificial flavoring--I couldn't believe it! This is the only Pre-workout supplement I can recommend with good conscience.

PureWOD Pre-Workout
This stuff provides a nice even performance enhancement. No jitters or crash at all! The taste is incredible as well-clean, crisp and refreshing. Check out their website HERE to see the full ingredients list.

So what exactly are BCAA's? They are a blend of 3 types of Branched Chain Amino Acids. To put it simply they are the building blocks of our muscles.  They also provide energy but helping your body process glycogen(it's a lot of science that we won't get into!). I recommend taking BCAA's right after workouts to boost your body's ability to recover and repair.  Read more HERE if you'd like.

My Favorite! 
Optimum Nutrition BCAA Capsules
I love how easy it is to take these. I used to mess with the powder version which is just a pain in the ass. These have no flavor and they are easy to transport to with you to the gym.

That's it folks, pretty straight forward! I feel great recommending all of these products because I know they work and best of all they are great for you!

What are your favorite supplements? Have you tried any of these before?


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