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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I am currently 5.5 weeks out from my first competition and the anticipation is intense! Everyday from now until May 10th I will be doing something to prepare.  Yes, I will take rest days but that's a form of preparation too!

I'm often asked what the magic powders I'm sprinkling into my shaker cup are-supplements of course! Supplements provide that extra boost needed to maximize results and performance.  Supplements can be used by anyone seeking a top notch body-they're not just for bodybuilders! So here is what I supplement with and hopefully this helps guide you on what to buy-

Whey Protein Powder
This is the #1 supplement that anyone who does resistance training could benefit from.  It's a great, high quality source of protein that is quickly absorbed by the body to promote muscle growth and repair.
The ideal time to consume a whey protein shake is right after working out. I have been using CrytoSport Whey protein for over a year and have no complaints.  It taste great and mixes well.  Not to mention it's sold at Costco so the value is awesome.

Casein Protein Powder
I recently added Casein protein to my arsenal of supplements.  Because my protein intake is so high I usually drink a protein shake at night as my last meal(not to mention it tastes like dessert).  I've just been drinking my whey protein as my last meal until recently which is fine but casein is ideal for night time because it's digested slower and prevents the body from breaking down muscle for fuel as you sleep. This is an optional addition of course but it gives you more variety if nothing else.  I bought ON because it got great reviews on the quality and the taste! I throw it in the blender with some ice and pretend it's a milkshake:)

Cellucor C4- This seems to be the go to pre-workout supplement and for good reason. It gives you that extra energy to crank out those last couple of reps.  What I like about it is that it doesn't give you a jittery feeling at all.  It's just gives you a nice pep in your step and helps maximize your workout performance.  I only use this when I'm usings weights, never on cardio only days.  One scoop used to be enough but now I need two to have the same effect. It might be time to switch for a bit once this jar runs out.

This stands for branch chain amino acids.  These are the building blocks for muscle and assist the body to recover and repair.  BCAA's are one of my favorite supplements! They are great for post workout recovery or used as a pre-workout energy boost.  BCAA's are also great for endurance sports, so I usually throw a scoop in my water bottle for long rides.  Just FYI-I've tried the Amino X brand and I didn't like the carbonation factor.

I prep all my supplements the night before by putting them in ziploc baggies.  This ensures I can run out the door and catch the bus at 5am! I also always have an extra serving of protein powder in my gym bag for that emergency meal.

Don't forget to take the basics too-
*Fish Oil Supplements

Optional Supplements that I take-
*Green Tea Pills
*Dandelion Extract(4 Weeks Out from Competition)

Remember that all these supplements are just that...a supplement to your diet and work outs.  There is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work! So get in the gym and make it happen:)

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  1. Yeah very true! I also feel energized when I take Green supplements. You have a wonderful body dear. Share some benefits of taking Casein protein powder with me if I take them on daily basis? Can I take them in between my work out? I feel so low sometimes when I do workout. Share ideas dear.