Macros:The Key to Your Dream Bod

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've been helping some friends and family with their nutrition plans and I'm reminded of all the things I've learned about healthy eating in the last year.  I've read countless articles about nutrition until the wee hours of the night(you know 10 pm for me, haha).   I love the science and math of nutrition and how you can manipulate your health and body composition, it's awesome! Well, I may be a little overzealous about it but you benefit by getting all the important info without all the heavy reading! I'm not a nutritionist by any means but I've applied what I know and seen big results.

Part of a healthy lifestyle and transforming your body is of course choosing the right foods(read Eating 101 for more info). But it's not only about what and when you eat but the ratio of each food group you ingest.  Macro nutrients are the 3 basic nutrients found in food-Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.  Each day I not only take into account my caloric intake but my percentage of each of these Macros.  You could eat 1200 calories of pure carbohydrates and another person could eat 1200 calories of protein and fat and their health and body composition is going to be very different right!? So, what I'm saying is that not all calories are created equal.  The ratio of macronutrient ratio you eat depends on a variety of factors including your fitness goals, body type and activity level.  I encourage each of you to consider reading more about macro nutrients and start counting your grams instead of calories if you are ready to see results.  The right balance of protein, carbs and fat at each meal will keep you fuller longer and your metabolism hummin'! So try it out! My Fitness Pal has a nutrient breakdown that is customizable and gives you a running tally of how many grams you have left in your day.  At this point I don't even count calories, I count macros.  I promise you won't go back to eating just anything once you start seeing those muscle grow and fat drop!

Don't believe me? Ready to get started!? Here are some articles written by people that are a bit more qualified-

Macro Calculator that gives you pre-set options:

The ideal macro ratio based on your body type:

Macros 101, When and Why

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