Tuesday, September 03, 2013

As I lay in bed tonight full and happy as a clam I can't help but reflect back on when I started this fitness journey.  It has been such an amazing experience that has really opened my mind and pushed me past any limits I previously put on myself.  And THAT is exactly why I keep coming back for more and more.

 I have met the most amazing people and they inspire me everyday to keep working hard toward my goals.  I may not become the next "IT" girl on the fitness scene but I can lay my head down at night full of love and satisfaction that I have surrounded myself with amazing people and that alone makes me a winner.  I hope you all strive to do the same...try something new, hang out with new people, try that new class at the gym and introduce yourself to your neighbor. You just never know who you will meet and how they will touch your life.  Life if all about interaction with others and sharing experiences, that is what will enrich your life.

Good Night All! Let's kill it this week at the gym and be grateful for each and every experience we encounter:)

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