Hey, Let's Lift!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hi Friends! 
I'm so happy to be officially launching this blog!  I love hitting the gym and feeling the pump which is what keeps us all going back for more, right!? If that is you...or you want to know more about getting in the best shape ever then read on! I'm here to inspire and be by your side on our fitness journey.  Who doesn't like a work out buddy!? 
I've had some success over the past 6 months sculpting and getting stronger but I know it's only the beginning.  I started out wanting to look hot for Vegas and now it's turned into a lifestyle commitment.  I've always been active and worked out but it feels different this time.  My mindset is not short term results but more long term health and happiness through fitness. 
I plan to document and share my fitness journey with you here...each pound, percentage point and inch! I hope you join me and we can get ripped together:) 

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  1. You are an inspiration my friend, and you look incredible! Keep up the good work! xo