Why Yoga is like Dating

Saturday, November 09, 2013

I've lived in San Francisco for 3 years now and have yet to find a yoga studio that I vibe with. I absolutely loved my studio back home, East Wind Yoga, and I can't seem to replicate it. With so many choices in this big city how is it so hard to find the right one!? I started thinking one day...this is how I feel about finding a great guy too! It makes me laugh because there are so many parallels! 

Think about it...you cruise the web searching for a studio near you(for the record I would never do online dating!).  You look at the website and try and get a feel for the vibe (you know you Facebook stalk too!).  You decide to take the plunge and go to a class...the"first date"! With optimism and trepidation you put on your outfit and head to class with an open mind. It's always a little awkward at first...you don't know where anything is and you don't want to look like the "new kid". As you find your way around the new studio you start to relax and get into your pre-class ritual. You pick the perfect spot(I always love the front corner) and roll out your mat and towel.  The teacher starts class and you can usually tell right away if you are going to connect with them or not(this is the first drink on a date right!?).  Class ends and you feel rejuvinated and centered but something is missing.  You can never quite put your finger on it but it just didn't "click". How many dates have you been on that you said the exact same thing! You might try another class (the second date) but in the end your just not willing to fork out the dough for a package of classes(sorry guys!).  

So the search continues! Although it's always little disappointing I can't help but be optimistic that the right studio is out there just waiting for me. I'm applying the same attitude to yoga and men...have open heart and an open mind and the right one will happen eventually! In the meantime enjoy each experience and what is has to offer.  Each interaction has the ability to teach us something about ourselves and bring beauty into our lives.  So happy hunting to all my yogis and single gals out there! Namaste~
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