Brrr...The Hot Chocolate Run-My first run of 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Race 1 of 2014 is in the books! On Sunday I participated in the Hot Chocolate run here in San Francisco.  It was a a really great race and much larger than I expected(and freezing)! There were just over 4,000 runners participating in the 15k and over 5,000 ran the 5k.  I had no idea it was such a big race-apparently people love chocolate!

I can't believe how relaxed I felt compared to my half marathon last year.  I was a stress case for the Napa to Sonoma 13.1 last June, just ask my amazing mom and sis! I nearly had a breakdown because I couldn't eat what I wanted for dinner the night before(what a diva!). This time around was much different.  I think it's because my attitude going into it was much more relaxed.  I didn't have any expectations of myself and my goal was to just do my best. I guess my plan worked out great because I'm super happy with how I did! Despite my Colitis flair up during the race it went really well.  
Tip:Attach your race bib the night before. I also like to lay everything out so I'm ready to go in the morning! 
Pre-race nutrition is really important and something I'm still working on.  This time around I tried eating  more carbs to see if it would give me a better performance.  I woke up early just to get in a meal a 2.5 hours before the race.  Rolled Oats with raisins and cinnamon was a delicious treat and not too heavy.  I sipped a cup of coffee and suited up for my run and headed out! I brought a Clif bar with me and ate that at 7am, an hour an a half before the race.  That put me at 72 grams of carbs and about 325 calories.  During the race I ate 1 Clif shot about every mile starting at mile 2 and 1 Gu Energy gel at mile 4.  I was feeling full of energy and able to easily keep pace until mile 8.  At each of the 3 water stations they were handing out Gatorade which I think lead to my demise.  Apparently, this was just too much for my sensitive digestive system.  I felt so sick and had to stop at mile 8 for a break! I was on track to finish with a 7:22 pace and I was so disappointed to have to stop for a bit but I had to listen to my body.  Luckily, I was able to pull it together and finish the last 1.5 miles after a brief rest! Clearly, I over fueled but now I know! For those of you who have Crohn's or Colitis you understand how important it is to know what your body can handle. Sometimes trial and error is the only way. 
Race day sunrise- Talk about inspiration!
Do you want to know the silly thing that made me push harder at the end!? I just kept saying to myself, "skirts don't finish before me!" No offense to those who rock the skort on the course but I chased those girls down and passed them. Sometimes it's the most random things that make you run harder. 

I can't wait for my race in February. Actually...I'm intimidated.  It's going to be my first trail race and I anticipate it to be much more challenging than a road run.  Being outside racing in the hills is going to be SO nice though...fresh air, great views and getting a little dirty. One race down and 11 more to go in 2014!

Do you want to run with me!? Let me know, I'd love to have some company! 

Montara Mountain Run-10K
February 22nd

Happy Running!

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  1. Great job on your race! I didn't know you signed up for a trail run! The half marathon? That's great. I did a 10K trail race once along the American River. It was so tough, but really fun! And you got a beer after, so worth it! haha

    1. Yep, Yep! One race every Feb I'm tackling the trail! I'm going to do the 10k and get my feet wet with that. Should be fun, join me if you want:)

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  3. Congrats on the race! Pre race nutrition is a struggle for me too. I feel sick if I eat or drink anything (besides H20) during the race so it will be interesting how I will stay fueled when I run my half this year. Trial and error, like you said.