5 Things You DONT Say When Dating a Devious fIT Girl

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dating is an interesting adventure especially when you're a fIT girl.  I figured with Valentine's Day  tomorrow this was the perfect time to provide some coaching for the men out there! To put it simply, guys like to say and do the most asinine things when really they need to just put a sock in it.  So, let me enlighten you men on what to NOT say or do when you go out with a Devious fIT girl.

1. Ask me how many times I worked out today-
Really? You know I workout and I'm not sure if you are trying to make small talk or are feeling insecure about how you sat on your ass but just don't make this comment.  Maybe I worked out twice, or maybe not at all but don't mock me.  Just enjoy the results of my hard work(if you even get to first base that is).

2. "Are you eating a carb!?"
Look, I know you are trying to be funny but calling me out when I have one piece of bread does not make me laugh.  Us fIT girls are well aware of everything we eat, so if we choose to reward ourselves with you take it as a compliment.  Putting me on blast about it makes me want to throw the bread AT your face.

3. Ask me to flex my "guns"
UGH! This embarrasses me so much.  We are on a date so I'm guessing you like my arms and fIT bod but please don't make me flex and/or feel up my bicep.  Nothing makes me feel less feminine! I am still a GIRL dumb ass, not a bro.  Make me feel like the sexy woman I am-

4. Encourage me to lift or curl random objects for a "quick workout"
Just so you know, I'm not constantly trying to get a pump on.  Do not tease me about wanting to curl the grocery bag on the way home to get in a "quick set".  NO! You carry the bag, you're the GUY, act like one! So annoying-

5. I think you can lift more than me!
Again, I am fIT but I'm still a girl and I don't lift to become a man! Obviously you are trying to pay me some sort of compliment but it just makes me feel like a beastly she-man.  I personally don't care if you lift or not but it's a turn off not a compliment when you say this.

So there you have it guys-sorry if it was a little harsh but it needed to be said! Take notes and study up so that maybe you can land yourself a Devious fIT Girl.  Admire, compliment and encourage the hot fIT chicks in your life and check your insecurities at the door.  I don't expect you to have the same passion or drive for fitness(or 8% body fat). I'm on a date with you so clearly I like you and your passion for something else is attractive!  Bottom line is be yourself.  You don't have to be a ripped gym junkie for me to be in to you.  Conversely, there is more to me than just working out...much more! So change the subject and get to know about my mind and soul-that's the ticket to a fIT girls heart.

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  1. Have you actually had guys do/say some of this stuff!? Silly boys...loved this post! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    1. Yes, these are all things I've experienced first hand! Silly boys:) Happy Valentine's Day to you too! xo