One of San Francisco's Best Rides

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday was such an incredible day! I went on one of those epic bike rides that reminds you why you pay an unfathomable amount of rent to live in San Francisco.  It's worth every penny and let me show you why.  Be prepared to fall in love with my city and try not to be too jealous!

The Marin Headlands Loop-This is one of my favorite rides because in just a matter of miles you are surrounded by mountains, trees and crisp, clean ocean air.  After riding through the Presido (which in itself is breathtaking) you are on the Golden Gate Bridge! You would never know it but there is a slight incline that is just enough to get those legs warm and the heart pumping.  To your left is the Pacific in all it's glory and you get a panoramic view like no other.  You can also see the Marin Headlands jutting into the bay which is our next destination. From this perspective it's a bit intimidating but nothing a mildly conditioned cyclist can't handle.

As soon as you make it across the Golden Gate the climb is there waiting for you. No time to hesitate now, shift gears and get ready! It's a steady climb until you hit the summit called Hawk Hill.  There are 3 spots where the grade declines enough to catch your breath and gain some speed.  All said and done this is about a 20 minute climb(depending on how fast you are of course).  I took the "slow and steady" approach today because my legs were burning! Once you reach the top you have to stop because the view is incredible and a highlight of the ride.

I had a nice tourist take my pic:)
What goes up must come down! So down the backside of the headlands I go, flying around the S turns (always a bit faster than I'd like).  I almost crashed on this stretch in October and it still freaks me out! You get up to 30+ so good brakes are a must. But who doesn't love to go fast, that's what road cycling is all about! Once you get to the bottom of the decent there are so many options but I decided to head to Rodeo Beach.  It's an avid surf spot and it has a great little bench to take in the scenery.

I have no idea how to surf but I want to try! 
After daydreaming about surfing it's time to pedal on.  This part of the ride is relatively flat and fast and about 1 mile away is one of my favorite parts of the ride-ok you're right I can't pick! But really this makes me squeal like I'm 10 again, HORSES! The Presidio Horse Stables just melt my heart and I love stopping to give them some love. (Note to self-bring carrots next time).
Once I pry myself away from these adorable guys it's time to head to Sausalito(yes, this is real life).  It's such a charming little town.  Early in the day the tourist are still sparse enough that it's manageable and the views(did I mention the views) are so serene.  I had a little espresso and pinched myself- I can't believe this is my life! Time to make my way towards home.
No trip over the bridge would be complete without stopping by Cavallo Point. It's an Army Base turned resort that boasts a restaurant and covered porches-so charming.  This is also where my best friend is getting married later this year so I like to check in!

Back over the bridge I went feeling happier than I have in a long time.  I'm not sure what it is about cycling but it's so freeing, relaxing and rejuvenating.  I'm sure you all have that activity that you resonate with and makes you feel whole again. I just can't help but feel so grateful for the lifestyle I have.  I am going to try and do a better job of riding my little Felt bike more often to stay more connected with what brings me so much joy.

Making time to slow down and check in with ourselves is so essential to being a balanced person. If we don't carve out this time to decompress we become stressed, lash out and just downright nasty people! Nobody wants that, so get out there and run, cycle or lift! Whatever brings you back to center in this crazy thing called life.

I can't wait to do this ride all over again this weekend!
What activity makes you feel this way?
xo, Kristin

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  1. I loved this post and how you brought us along on the ride with you! Such beautiful views, we DO live in the most amazing place!! :)

    1. Thanks Friend! I was gushing but I couldn't help it-LOVE SF!