Last Week's Workouts!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Is it already the second week of February!? This month is flying by and my race on the 22nd is quickly approaching, eek! It's been rainy all week so I'm slacking on running and honestly nervous about it.  On the plus side my cross training is in full swing. Here's how last week shaped up-

Superbowl! Although the Niners were out of the running it would be un-American of me not to watch the game.  It ended up being a complete cheat day.  I knew I would eat some treats I normally don't but things took a turn when I tasted my friends Spinach and Cheese dip, YUM! I cooked Jaime Eason's Sloppy Joe's and everyone loved them (I used 99% Ground Turkey instead of Buffalo).

I loved this WOD! It was a full body workout that tested strength and endurance.  I tweaked my shoulder last week so I taped it with Rock Tape which worked great. I'm still not able to do kipping pull ups so I used a green band to help me out. I can't wait until I don't need the band!
20 Minutes-As many rounds as possible(AMRAP).
10-Box Jumps
5-Push Press
10-Pull Ups

I got my butt out of bed at 4:30 and made it to the 6am CrossFit class.  I set a PR on the Power Snatch and then got my ass kicked by the Metcon(Metobolic Conditioning. Think less weight driven and more cardio).

10 Rounds-30 Seconds on, 30 Seconds Rest
Alternating between Burpees and Toes to Bar

My hands ripped after Monday's pull up marathon so the toes to bar hurt(suck it up, I know).  I switched to knees to elbows after the first round.  I opted for K2E for more reps instead of sticking to the prescribed workout.  I think I need to switch up my strategy with this because my performance isn't rated as high if I don't do the "prescribed or Rx" workout. I do not like seeing my name at the bottom of the list!

I switched up my strategy a bit and decided to stack a majority of my carbs pre and post workout. I normally try to spread them out evenly through the day but why not try something new, you never know. I worked out in the afternoon and ate 25 grams of Oats 1 hour before my workout and another 25 grams right after(along with my protein shake).  I don't think this method was very effective. I felt weak and even a bit light headed during the WOD.  Won't be doing that again!

I love TJ's Rolled Oats! 

High Carb Day! I actually used to love it more than I do lately.  I keep my fat super low on high carb days and it's tough.  But the trade off is that I got to eat the Chili I made last week and damn it's good.  I portioned out servings and froze them for an easy meal anytime.  This was the perfect dinner for such a cold and rainy night.

The WOD was a killer. We are gearing up for the CrossFit Games so we did an old workout from 2012.  7 minutes of burpees-as many as possible...I managed to do 90- not too shabby.

Another early morning to end the week strong- gotta love that 6am class.  Squats were on the docket which is one of my favs. The MetCon today ROCKED! I felt full of energy after carbing up and my hamstrings got some love.  I still haven't gotten the double-unders down but I also haven't practiced, so what do I expect! Adding that to my To Do list:)
12 Minutes-AMRAP
3 Power Cleans-6 Deadlifts-30 Double Unders

REST! Rest days are very important to give your body a chance to recover and grow.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit guilt taking a day off which is completely ridiculous but true.  I try to lower my calories on rest days by about 100-200.
My perfect rest day would be laying out at the beach like this! (Is it time for a vacation yet?)

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I hope you all have a wonderful week full of great workouts and healthy eats!

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