The BADASS Women of CrossFit are Role Models for All Females!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Photo Credit: Alex Farnum 
The CrossFit Games took place this weekend and I was glued to the TV! The athletes are beyond inspiring with their speed, strength and stamina. You better believe I made a list of all the things I need to work on-rope climbs, handstands, muscle ups...I have my work cut out for me but I'm excited! If I could only get my hands on some of that awesome Reebok gear!

While watching the fittest women on earth compete I couldn't help but admire their physiques! Women of all shapes and sizes with gorgeous arms, six packs and quads for days! The female athletes of CrossFit are doing amazing things for all women out there by showing that you can be strong and sexy at the same time. Thank goodness we have these role models showing how we can all just stop trying to be skinny and focus on being strong--being BADASS! I only wish these women were around when I was younger!

Another amazing thing about these athletes is not only are they ripped but they can move and perform at such a high level.  I couldn't help but compare these women to those of the bodybuilding world. Those women have beautiful bodies too but how and why they achieve them is so different. In CrossFit the six pack is a by product of heavy lifts, fast sprints and long swims. In the sport of bodybuilding physique is the #1 focus with little regard for how well they could perform.

I couldn't help but reflect on my journey and how different my perspective is now. After training to compete in a bodybuilding competition and reaching my goal physique I was left feeling empty.  By focusing only on how I looked to determine my placement on the podium it damaged my self image. No matter how hard I worked, how low my body fat was, it never seemed good enough. It was so nerve racking knowing that judges would be critiquing me based on being shredded(but not too stingy), ripped(but not too bulky) and to top it off we had to wear clear high heels and strut around! Deep down I was a little embarrassed to walk across a stage like that. I didn't even want my friends and family to be there and see me. It's no wonder I ended up dropping out 3 weeks before I was going to walk on stage--I just couldn't subject myself that. It wasn't for me.

When I discovered CrossFit about a year and a half ago it was like a breath of fresh air-I found a sport that was a better fit! It was about speed, agility, strength and technique--not how tan and glammed up I was. It was something I could be proud of and it helped me channel that competitive nature of mine. Not only that but the people in the CrossFit community are so awesome! Nobody takes themselves too seriously and we are there to cheer one another on to new PR's.
Photo Credit: Alex Farnum 
So Thank You to all the amazing female athletes at the games setting an amazing example! It has truly helped me to accept my athletic build and be proud of it! I earned these legs-they help me squat heavy and run fast! To all you ladies out there let's continue to fight against what magazines say is the "perfect body". The most important thing is that we are proud of our bodies and focused on performance not size to determine how fit we are! My goal this year is to compete in CrossFit competitions and be a role model to other females out there--let's chase our dreams!


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