Weekly Workout Recap

Monday, June 20, 2016

Howdy y'all! It's Monday and I'm sharing what I did last week in the gym to perhaps give you some ideas or just something fun to read. It was a really awesome week with lots of momentum in the gym and with my business which makes me happy! Not to mention Game Of Thrones was amazing last night and really just capped off and already great week. Braxton(my fiance) and I decided that we need to get more serious about our meal planning and it's so true. Without having a plan it's way too easy to just eat the first thing you see in the fridge. On Sunday we managed to plan out our goals for the week, do some wedding budgeting, go to the grocery store AND hang out with both of our Dad's-WHEW! No wonder I'm tired. 

Without further adieu...let me tell you why I'm so sore I can barely move! 

Well...I was supposed to workout but I had a major case of the Monday's! It happens from time to time so I gave myself a freebie day to just chill. I need more rest now that my age has a "3" in front of it! 

This was my first day on my new programming from Central Athlete. Trainers need trainers too! It's really nice to just walk in and have someone else tell me what to do and hold me accountable to it. All the reasons you might have or want a personal trainer! I've needed something new in my routine for a while and this was a good fit. The first 2 weeks are all about testing to get a baseline. 

Back Squat:2RM 
180 # 2RepMax

Weighted Strict Pull-Up: 1RM
I surprised myself with a 22.5 pound 1RM

Dual dumbbell seated press: 8RM
30 pound db's for 8...I went for the 35's but only got 3 reps 

:52 seconds of work 

Conventional Deadlift: 1RM
Close grip bench press:1RM
Max Wallballs-14#
Assault Bike:Max cals in 10 mins 

Strict Press-1RM 
Chest to bar: max in 1 minute
4 Rounds for reps 
1 min burpees, 1 min kettle bell swings, 1 minute box jumps
242 reps 

Rear elevated split squat: 8RM aka the booty builder
30# in each hand

Strict handstand pushups 
I got a big fat-ZERO! 

Toes to bar: 100 in sets of 5 for time
16:47-I only had sets of 5 till about 50 then in broke down into 3's and 2's.

Row: 500m, Rest 90secs, 500m 
2:02, 2:00 (With some encouragement from Coach Hartwell)

Garage Gym Throwdown Competition! 
This was a team event that I signed up for months ago and as it creeped closer I got a little nervous! I haven't been training super hard lately so this was a test. I was on a team with 2 guys and 1 other girl-all amazing athletes. It was 3 workouts and a 4th for the top 5 teams. We ended up winning the whole thing! There was some great competition and the sun added an extra element of difficulty that's for sure. I thought I was going to die after workout #1 but with some nursing from Braxton I pushed through. All I have to say is that I could never be a firefighter because dragging around that hose was SO HARD! Congrats to all the other people who participated-it was super fun and everyone earned a little weekend treat after that! 


Overall it was the best week I've had in a long time in regards to training. My hands are ripped and shot and I'm SO sore from the competition Saturday but it was all worth it! 

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  1. That is really inspiring blog for people like me. I have thought number of times to join yoga class but every time I feel lethargic on day of joining but now I will try my yoga from tomorrow only and will buy some work out leggings today. Thanks for sharing such a great blog!