Top 5 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Fat!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

If you’re trying to lose that extra flab then this is a must read! The first thing I do with all my new clients is have them journal their food intake. This gives me a great snapshot into their daily nutrition which to my surprise if usually not enough food! But I’ll save that topic for another day. Today I want to talk about the most common foods people eat that can hold you back from losing fat. They are foods that are often seen as “healthy” but should be avoided if you are focusing on losing fat. Here are the Top 5...

  1. Flavored Yogurt- Take a look at the label. Most yogurts, especially the flavored versions, are packed with sugar! Sugar is the #1 thing you are want to avoid to lose fat. I recommend opting for Fage Greek Yogurt because it has no added ingredients and it’s super high in protein.
  2. Granola-Yogurts best friend...and a food that is seen as healthy that really isn’t. Granola taste delicious because it’s usually bound together with some sort of sugar, honey or sweetener. Add ground flaxseed to your yogurt instead for a healthy dose of fat.
  3. Smoothies-They have a reputation as a healthy food but if you are looking to lose that belly bulge smoothies should be avoided! They are delicious because they are usually made with nature’s candy...aka...fruit! Fruit has beneficial nutrients but when trying to lose fat the blood sugar spike caused by smoothies is the opposite of what you want.  Opt for an all green juice or greens only version instead.
  4. Fruit+Dried Fruit-A delicious little snack that is sweet, amazing and also has as much sugar as a candy bar. In moderation it's not the worst treat but it's hard to keep portions small, especially with dried fruit. Opt for a handful of nuts as instead as an on the go snack.
  5. Energy Bars-They are marketed as a quick, healthy snacks but most of them are the opposite. I’ve only come across 3 energy bars that I would recommend to clients. The rest of them are packed with sugar and carbs. A Lara bar for example has 23 grams of sugar. I admit that there are far worse foods you could eat but if you are serious about losing fat, say no to all bars. My only exceptions would be Quest Bars, FitJoy Bars and PowerCrunch Bars.

I hope this lists helps you avoid some common pitfalls. The best thing you can do to lose fat is to avoid sugar in all forms and stay consistent with a clean eating nutrition plan. If you ever need support or have any questions I’m here to help!


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