Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hi Friends!
SO sorry it’s been forever since I've posted...the more time that passes the more awkward it gets but I’m breaking the ice! I’ve been working, planning my wedding and just kinda skating by to be honest. Life is AMAZING but it’s time to step up my expectations of myself. Do you ever have those self talks that sounds something like, “Get your shit together!” lol. Really I just feel like I can and want to contribute more and connect with others and that’s why I love my blog. My cup is full and running over and I think that’s why I felt the need to write again. So I hope you you don’t mind my absence and will take me back!
The thing that has been on my mind lately is the power of habit. When it comes to any change you want to make in your life, creating a habit is the best route. You know those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed and workout? Well habit will make you go when your willpower is low. It will feel more weird NOT to go once it's a habit, so you lace em’ up and make it happen. So how do you create a habit?
1.Start Simple!!
When you are pumped up and ready to take on the world and get in the best shape of your life going to the gym 6 days a week sounds easy! But we all know on Day 4 you are tired and sore and don’t go...then starts the back slide. You beat yourself up a bit that you didn’t stick with your new habit and end up quitting all together. INSTEAD you should start small, say 2 days a week.If you go extra-that’s brownie points! Once you accomplish that for say 2 weeks, then add a third day, then a fourth and so on. Build yourself up!
2.Commit to at least 21 Days
To build a habit you will have to use willpower at first. You will need to put things in place to make sure you follow through. Get a workout buddy, hire a trainer, have a friend come meal prep with you. You know you--so do something that won’t allow you to skip. This will be the hard part but after the 21 days you will be home free!
3.Reminders of your WHY
There is no question you will have days you will want to quit. That’s why you need to put some reminders in place as to why you are doing this. When you are in that pumped up, ready to take on the world state write yourself a letter or create a vision board that will take you back to that state. You can also have a song that takes you back to that pumped up feeling. Anything that will help you dig deep and stay FOCUSED!
4.Treat it as an Experiment
Tim Ferriss introduced this concept into my life and it's so freeing! Sometimes we don’t start doing things because we are too overwhelmed by the bigger picture. So instead focus on just one step at a time. Lose 1 pound 20 times, not 20 pounds all at once. You can get yourself to take the plunge by just telling yourself this is an experiment. Keep at it for 21 days and if you hate it switch your approach but NEVER the goal. Maybe you tried running and still hate it...check out a indoor cycling class instead.
5. Track your progress
I’m a supporter of printed calendars. Tracking things on your phone or online is great but it’s also really easy to forget about. You can’t physically see the progress you are making.Post the calendar on the fridge and check off each day you do your habit! All those check marks will keep you motivated.
6. Visualize
Close your eyes and imagine yourself accomplishing your goal. Picture that end results...how you feel, where you are, what you are wearing. Get yourself so pumped that you FEEL it now. Do this as often as possible, preferably in the morning and you set out for your day.

I’m excited to tackle my goal of getting a fitness modeling contract this year! It’s a dream I’ve had since starting this blog and I finally have the courage to chase that dream again 3 years later! I’m starting with setting the habit of eating clean...consistently(those dang weekends always mess me up!). I’m going to use all the steps above to make it happen! What’s your goal? Do you need help making a plan? I’m here and would love to help! Email me at kristin@kristinmariefitness.com

p.s. Read this amazing blog post from Gary Keller about WillPower here


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