Eating 101-The building blocks for your dream bod!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Eating 101-Guidelines to help you gain muscle, burn fat and be healthy!

These are the basics I have stuck by during my training and I really feel like they have been key to my success. It's not only important what you're eating but when and how. I gaurentee you will have more energy and your metabolism will be in high gear after just one week-Happy eating!
*Eat within one hour of waking up to get your metabolism going
*Eat 6-7 small balanced meals throughout the day 
*Eat every 2-3 hours(minimum 2 hours but don't exceed 3 hours)
*Write down what times you eat so you don't lose track
*Drink a protein shake within 30 minutes of working out to maximize muscle gain
*Take a multi vitamin and fish oil supplements everyday
*Measure and weigh whenever possible. You can't accurately count your calories without knowing the portions. Buy measuring cups and a food scale
*Preparation is the key to success! Plan ahead whenever possible
*No starchy carbs after 7pm 

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