Triceps/Chest/Abs Workout!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

When my alarm clock went off at 4:15 this morning I was definitely not happy!! But once I got to the gym the grumpiness melted away! After 4 days off I really needed to hit it hard and doing bench press always makes me feel powerful! Beastmode....

This is the workout I did today, let me know if you enjoy it! I love working in abs between sets. It keeps my heart rate up and keeps things interesting! I did this all in 1 hour-

Super Set(Do each exercise back to back with no rest)

💥Bench Press/Tricep Dips

Bench-20 lbs x12
20 dips
1 min rest
Repeat for 3 Sets

💥Decline Press/Decline Crunch
50 decline crunch

50 decline crunch

50 decline crunch

90 sec rest between each set

💥Skull crushers/Bench Jackknife Crunch
Skull Crushers-30x15
25 bench crunch w/10 lb weight(hold with feet)

90 Second Rest

Repeat 3 times

💥Cable Chest Fly/Tricep Pulldowns
Cable Chest Press-15(level 6) x 12
Tricep Pull downs-30x12
Cable crunch-70x25

90 Seonds Rest

Repeat 3 Times

3 minute jump rope to finish up! 

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