Summer Is Coming, Time to Get Moving!

Monday, March 03, 2014

What a busy couple of weeks! I've barely had time to write about all of it and I'm afraid things are not going to slow down anytime soon.  Don't you wish we could just pause time or have an extra day to get it all done? When you dream big like I do it seems like every second is taken up by either doing things to reach my goals or thinking about things I need to do. It's exhausting but SOOO rewarding, I wouldn't want it any other way! Honestly, every comment I receive about my blog or "like" on Instagram keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward.  There is nothing more gratifying to me than inspiring others, I've never experienced something more humbling.  With that said, here's your motivation...SUMMER IS COMING! Wether you want to admit it or not we are going to be in bathing suits in T-3 months(+/-).  If that doesn't make you break into a cold sweat then you're either feeling good about where you're at(yay) or you're in denial. The good news is 12 weeks is plenty of time to kick it into gear and be feeling Deviously fIT poolside!

How to Get Moving!

Find What Makes you Tick-
Why do you want to get fit? Is it because there's a cute new guy at work? Do you want to get back to your pre-baby weight? Are you just hoping to be healthier in 2014?  Whatever the reason is embrace that and create a mantra.  Use that mantra when you start talking yourself out of working out.  We all have that annoying internal dialogue, "I should go...but my bed feels so good! No really, I should just get up".  That is honestly me every morning! But you have to snap out of it and GET UP! Last year when I started working out about this time it was to get in shape for Vegas.  I would hear my alarm go off and groan a bit then I would flash to the image of me sitting by the pool in Sin City....VEGAS! It got me out of bed every time.

That wonderful Vegas trip! I wish I was there right now-

Create a Schedule-
If you plan when you are going to workout you can hold yourself accountable and avoid excuses. Sounds simple but creating a routine works! Make sure your plan is realistic, prep your stuff accordingly and make it a priority. Believe me, I know there are plenty of other things you'd rather do than go workout but you will be happy you skipped Suzy's going away mixer when you look smoking hot in 3 months.  I know it feels like you're missing out but it's a blip on the radar in the scheme of things.

Create a Support Network-
When I'm feeling a lack of gusto I log on to Twitter and I'm instantly inspired.  It's the "if they can do it, I can do it" syndrome.  It's odd to be motivated by complete strangers but whatever works! It just reminds me that there are people everywhere overcoming obstacles and making time to train.  Other great sources of support are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and blogs.  The old fashioned flesh and blood support buddies are great too! I personally prefer to workout alone(except at CrossFit) but if having a cheerleader at the gym makes you go then call em' up! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you want! Links above-

Take Pics-
The 'selfie' is a necessary evil that I have come to love.  Taking pictures of your physique each week is the best way to see results.  Personally, I can't be objective when looking in the mirror-I rarely see progress.  It's only when I swipe back thru my pics the next day that I can see the difference(hopefully it's better not worse!).  The results are what keep me going back for more, it's absolutely addicting!
Pre-Vegas selfie last year

Treat Yourself-
Buying a new set of kicks or a cool new gym bag is oddly motivating! If you are feeling good and excited to try out your new purchase it gives you one more reason to workout.  Another way I look at it is "earning" my new gym clothes. I can far more easily justify spending money on a new workout shirt if I'm going to the gym 5 days a week.  It becomes a need not a want(or that's what I tell myself).
My newest "need"! 
Yes, there will be sacrifices and yes, you will have moments of doubt but push through! If you miss a workout or binge on some fast food just start fresh and move on.  Don't beat yourself up about it because that will make things worse. I often hear Dori from Finding Nemo saying, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".  It makes me smile every time.  I hope this helps you kick start your booty into gear! The Mai Tai's and suntan lotion are calling our name~

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