My First Workout Video!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Scrolling through my Instagram feed one morning a came across a post from Women's Health Magazine.  The Next Fitness Star 2014 contest was underway! So many times over the past year I've said to myself, why me.  But I've been trying to change my attitude to why NOT me? Everyone has to start somewhere right?  I do have to say though that the last thing I ever want to be perceived as is vain or self centered.  It's actually one of my biggest fears! But I feel like having the confidence to apply for something like this is different because my motivation behind it isn't for fame or fortune but just the opportunity to be a source of motivation to others! Obviously, it's a one in a million chance of actually winning the contest but that's not really the point of trying.  Sometimes it's not about winning or being the best but just doing something outside your comfort zone.  Learning a new skill and feeling vulnerable is always a good thing for personal growth.

The contest required me to make a workout video which is all new territory for me.  So, late one Saturday night I went to the gym and recorded it.  After a lot of awkward's still well...awkward but oh well! I'm actually fairly nervous to share this with you because it's a bit embarrassing to be on camera-eek! Hopefully you like it and I'll get over my shyness and be able to bring you more workout videos.

Enjoy the workout and wish me luck on the contest. You can also view a larger version of this and my official audition video on You Tube-

If your dreams don't scare you then you aren't dreaming big enough

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