What is Tabata Training?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I have recently been amped on Tabata Training! What the heck is that you ask!? Well...it's a high intensity workout that ANYONE can do ANYWHERE! This high intensity interval training(HIIT) has so many benefits including burning fat and improving strength all in 4 minutes!

Tabata Training was originally used as a training technique by a Japanese Speed Skating Team.  Dr. Izumi Tabata was a coach on this team and spearheaded this intense, high intensity workout.  Since it's inception in the 1990's this type of training has gained popularity and it's now applied to all types of exercises.

What is Tabata? 
*20 Seconds Work--10 Seconds Rest
*Repeat  for 8 Rounds--4 Minutes Total

You can do this with:
*Mt. Climbers
*Push Ups
*Jump Squats
*Pull Ups
*Crunches(any kind)

Want to step it up a notch?  Do multiple rounds for a total of 20 minutes-
Sample Workout:
Round 1-Pushups 
*1 Minute Rest
Round 2-Jump Squats
*1 Minute Rest
Round 3-Row(Rowing Machine)
*1 Minute Rest
Round 4-Butterfly Crunch
*1 Minute Rest

I love doing Tabata workouts because:
-You can achieve maximum results in short amount of time
-You can mix and match virtually any exercise to keep it exciting
-You can do it anywhere!

So grab your interval timers and get moving! Summer is around the corner, so dedicate just 20 minutes a day to your fitness goals-you won't regret it!


Throw back to this time last year! I need to plan a summer vacation!! 

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