My New Heart Rate Monitor!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I'm taking my training to the next level! I've always wanted to know how many calories I'm actually burning and the only way to do that is with a heart rate monitor.  I started researching which brand would be right for me and it was overwhelming! The price range and features offered are all over the place.  I didn't want to spend a fortune but wanted something quality and reliable. After way too many hours on the internet reading reviews I settled on the Polar FT60.  I really hate online shopping because I like instant-in my hand-gratification when I spend money.  So I paid a little extra for the overnight shipping and BOOM it's here in time for the weekend! I'm really excited to get an actual reading of what's going on when I'm busting my ass! Perceived exertion can be deceiving, so this monitor will help me understand how hard I'm really working.

Actual Calorie Counter-
The only way to really know how many calories you've burned is with a heart rate monitor.  Your heart rate combine with your age/weight and gender gives you an accurate figure.  It takes a deficit of $3,500 calories in one week to lose a pound(or 500 calories a day).  With this heat rate monitor I can make sure I'm on track to reach my weight loss goals!

Training Zones-
Based on all my personal info I plug into the monitor it tells me which heart rate zone I'm in.  This is helpful because each zone creates different results.  Some days I want to work on my endurance and aerobic fitness(Zone 2). Other days I want to work on my max threshold which will translate into being able to spring harder or charge up steep grades on my bike(Zone 3).

Here's a breakdown of the zones-
Zone 1 (65-75% of HR Max): Cool Down, Warm Up

Zone 2 (76%-85% of HR Max): Most training will take place here.  You can run/spin with broken sentences if you try to have a conversation.

Zone 3 (86-95% of HR Max): Hard-Max effort when you are sprinting or performing intervals.

Photo By Dan Goodman

My little gadget should be a great addition to my gym bag.  Anything to help me take my fitness to the next level and keep me pushing is an asset.  Whatever it takes to get you out there and working out is worth the money! Maybe for you it's a new pair of shoes, new lifting gloves or new headphones. Summer is here and I'm working my ass off to get bikini ready just like you! Let's do this:)


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