Fashion Friday: Gym Essentials

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

I've created a list of my favorite gym essentials!

Here are my favorite workout items starting from the top left and working clockwise-

1.Nalgene Water Bottle-Love this BPA free water bottle, I take it everywhere! It doesn't leak and the cap loop makes it easy to carry. Best part is it comes in fun bright colors! Target-$9.95

2.Gym Lock-Seems like a no-brainer but having a nice, easy to use lock can save you some unwanted frustration! No more losing keys or remembering some weird locker combo when you're half asleep in the morning! Great stocking stuffer-maybe even program it with a funny word for her-Master Lock- $9.99

3.Phone Armband-This is a must have for any workout.  I must have my music so my phone is always with me when I'm getting my sweat on! This one stays in place and even has a key holder for runs. Yurbuds- $24.99

4.Lululemon Gym Bag-A great gym bag is a MUST! I love the Lululemon bags because they are not only functional but super cute! I used to commute everyday on the bus in San Francisco and this bag was the perfect size. I've used mine from last Christmas everyday and it's still in great shape! You can go from gym to work to happy hour without skipping a beat. This is a pricier item but well worth the money since you use it everyday! They range from $120-$180

5.Jaybird Bluebird X- This is by far the best purchase I've ever made! Bluetooth headphones are a game changer.  No more annoying cords getting in your way-complete freedom to move, jump and get your workout on! The sound quality, connectivity and battery life are great. I bought mine at Apple- $169

6.Commute Sweatshirt-Living in San Francisco I always need a little jacket or sweatshirt to throw over my gym tank to get to the gym.  Having a cute sweatshirt is required-duh! What if you run into a cute guy on your way!? The classic Lululemon font zip hoodie is a great choice. I also love Zella which is a brand sold at Nordstrom(actually the lead designer worked at Lululemon) and it's a bit cheaper but still great quality.Lululemon Scuba Hoodie(pictured above) $108

7.Goody "Stay Put" Headbands-I must wear a headband when working out to keep my crazy hair out of my face! These are by far my favorite-they stay in place and their not too tight.  Perfect stocking stuffer! Target- $4.89

8.Polar Heart Rate Monitor-One of my favorite workout accessories! This model actually calculates the calories burned which I love(FT60 is the model).  It also tracks your rate of exertion and it even creates a custom training program based on your current fitness and goals.  This is a MUST have-read more about it in my other post here. Major Retailers- $179

What are your gym essentials? Comment below!

p.s. This is an NOT a sponsored post-I'm sharing my favs out of the kindness of my heart

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