Weekly Workout Recap

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July is here and I can't believe the year is already half way over! It really lit a fire under my ass to look at the goals I set in January and see how I was tracking. The first thing I knew I wasn't working on enough is my handstand. I've been trying to get a solid freestanding handstand for years now! I promised myself 2016 would be the year but I haven't been dedicating the time it takes. That has now moved back into my focus and I asked my Coach(yes, I'm a trainer with a trainer) to add some drills to my routine. Handstand here I come! 

The most exciting workout I had last week was my Max 1 Rep Deadlift for Charity! On Saturday all the Coaches of CrossFit Central lifted their max weight to raise money for The Flatwater Foundation. This is an Austin based foundation that CrossFit Central is proud to support! 

MISSION: The Flatwater Foundation is dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support. This includes access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychological counseling.

I ended up lifting 255#! I should be proud as this is 15 more pounds than my previous PR but I can't help but feel like I should be lifting more! But day by day, workout by workout I'm getting stronger so I just have to be patient. When I get to 300# I'll be excited! 

Monday-July 4th
Workout 1: "Randy" as a Team: 50 Muscle Snatch for Time (55#) 

Workout 2: Partner "Holbrook"
For Time
10 Rounds-We did 5
5 Thrusters (85#)
10 Pull-ups
100 Meter Sprint
This was a super fun workout because not only did I get to rep my flag tank but I workout with my client Tammy! This was her first time doing a CrossFit workout and she had a blast! 
Can you find me!? :)

Tuesday:I was sore AF!! What the heck!? My lats/biceps were SO sore...so I took the day off and just rolled out and recovered. I didn't expect to be so sore but I haven't done a lot of volume lately so I guess the 50 pull ups got me. 

Wednesday: I hate Wall Balls! LOL 

AMRAP 12 3 Wall Ball Shots 3 Burpee *** increase by 1 rep each round (4,4/5,5/6,6/etc) 

 rest 6 min

 AMRAP 12 15 Cal Assault Bike 50ft/arm Single Arm Front Rack KB Carry
Thursday: I'm working on using a hook grip and it SUCKS! I didn't use it when I first starting lifting and I'm having to go lighter and get comfortable with it. Do you use a hook grip? Don't know what that is? Check out THIS

  • A) Power Clean
  • B) Deficit Handstand Push-Up Negative
  • C1) Single Arm Dumbbell Powell Raise
  • C2) Trap-3 Raise
  • D) Assault Bike
  • E) Walk

Friday: Elevator Squats are HARD! Go ass to grass up to parrallel, back down ass to grass up to 3/4 squat, back down to grass and up to full standing=1 
  • A) Barbell Good Morning
  • B) False Grip Ring Row
  • C) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
  • D) Aerobic @ 80-85%
  • AMRAP 12 100ft Sandbag Zercher Carry (60) 200m Run 10 Box Jump Step Down (20") 
  •  rest 6 min 
  •  AMRAP 12 12 Russian KBS 9 Sprawls 6 Push Ups 3 Goblet Elevator Squats w/ DB or KB

Saturday: 1 Rep Max Deadlift- 255# Thanks to all those who supported me! 

Hope you all have a solid week of training! Be sure to take a look at your goals and adjust your focus because we are already over half way through the year! 
P.S. If you need help reaching your goals, let me know! I'm always here to help give you some tips and training advice:) 

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