Weekly Workout Recap

Monday, July 18, 2016

The CrossFit Games are almost HERE! The last 2 weeks(or more like 4) I've been getting super excited for the CrossFit Games. Ever since I started CrossFit I have followed the Games and all the amazing athletes. The workouts they can endure are insane and inspiring. I've watched probably every CrossFit Games YouTube out there(I know, I'm a dork) but it really got me extra motivated for my workouts. Another reason I'm so into the Games is because Carey Kepler, CrossFit Central Co-owner and Coach, is competing. I can't wait to cheer her on this week!

My back was still SO sore from the Max Deadlift I did the previous Saturday but I pushed through. Instead of T2B I did 30 second active hollow holds on the bar. This was challenging! My hand strength is a weak point for sure.

I was a little worried about the Romanian deadlifts but I put some RockTape on my back and rocked it. I squat 125# which should be easy but I wasn't wearing a belt and that makes a HUGE difference. Going to go "au natural" for a while and build up my core strength.

I'm trying to build up shoulder strength to do strict handstand pushups and the negative deficits are awesome! My Coach threw in some tripod work but I made it into a headstand...handstand here I come!

More hinge work since I'm quad dominate. The aerobic portion was 2-12 minute rows with 6 minutes rest between. This was WAY harder than I expected it to be. I was also told I was rowing all wrong, LOL. I guess this means more rowing for me! My butt was really sore after this workout.

Saturday I was in the gym for a solid 2 hours with this one. The T2B felt good and I was able to do 6 unbroken, EMOM(every minute, on the minute) for 10 minutes! Hands didn't rip=success.
Body Comp Check!
I love the new toy we got at Central Athlete! Now I don't have to pay $50 each time I want to test my body fat. I'm sitting at 16% right now which I was happy with considering how loose my nutrition has been. But I would love to lean out to about 12ish and with this new tool, it will be that much easier!

Sunday: 3K
Braxton woke up with a shit ton of energy and decided we should run 5 miles! We really didn't have any plans so I was game. We have a great trail here in Austin that meanders right through Dowtown and it's only steps away from our condo which is great. It always takes me at least a mile to get warmed up but after that it felt surprisingly good! I think I need to get back to running more...

I hope you guys had a great week inside and outside the gym! I have to remind myself often that everyone started somewhere and it just takes day after day of hard work but don't forget the process creates the prize! Enjoy the journey-


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